Westport Body Piercing
          and Tattoo Studio

Caring for your piercing

Aftercare of any new piercing is extremely important. You should continue to clean the piercing for 1 month after it has healed. If you follow the instructions on this page, you should have no problems.

Infections can easily develop on a new piercing if proper aftercare is not practiced. Remember it is an open skin wound. Keep dirty fingers and tight clothing away from a new piercing and avoid excessive pulling and tugging. Hair also tends to be a problem as it holds dirt and oil.

Your piercing should be cleaned twice a day with the Body Piercing and Tatoo Studio Antibacterial Cleaning Lotion. After a day, the piercing will excrete fluids (lymph) which will dry hard on the ring. This is what you are cleaning off. Hold the ring to stop it moving, clean the ring then gently move it through the skin and with a cotton bud dipped in cleaning solution, clean off the lymph. Do not reuse a cotton bud.

For nipple and navel piercings it is advisable to wear a cotton t-shirt to bed or cover them with a swab. These products are available in the studios aftercare pack.

When you leave the studio you will have a sterile low absorbant dressing covering the piercing (Melolin). This should be left overnight to allow the piercing to settle. Apply the dressing only during the night, leaving it off during the day s o it can breathe. You should shower at first, not bath as you are sitting in your own dirty water, then clean the piercing with Antibacterial Cleaning Lotion. You should repeat this for 4 days until you run out of dressing, by which time the piercing will have settled. If during the day you can clean your piercing once or twice this will help.

For facial piercings the only form of cleaning is the Body Piercing Studios Antibacterial Cleaning Lotion. Use twice a day every day and once or twice a week with the skin paint.

For oral piercings use antibacterial mouthwash every time you eat, drink, smoke, sleep or after any form of oral contact. Brush teeth 2 or 3 times a day with toothpaste. Ice will reduce the swelling.

For all piercing except oral swimming in chlorinated pools or the sea should be avoided until the piercing is well healed.